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Some people at some stage in their life will suffer from anxiety. For many people this can become a recurring problem that starts to affect their lifestyle and even their careers. Many things can set off an anxiety attack and more often than not these attacks come suddenly and without warning. There are some symptoms that you can look out for which can range from mild to severe to try and control your anxiety problems.

You may not notice it at first, but your hands could get clammy and you will feel hot. After a while you will begin to produce bead of sweat on your forehead and feel like you have to get some cold fresh air or put something cold on your forehead.

Shortness of breath
As you begin to get anxious, you will start to breathe faster and perhaps not deeply enough. This will cause you to get light headed and combined with a hot flush, you can feel terrible, like you are about to faint. If you feel this coming on, close your eyes, and picture something calm and relaxing. Concentrate on taking long, deep breaths.

Anxiety is basically being nervous and you might feel the classic symptom of nerves known as butterflies in the stomach. You might feel jumpy and fidgety with your feet and hands, as well as tensing your body. The knots in your stomach might also lead to an irritable bowl.

Once you start taking notice of when you feel these symptoms coming on you can then determine why you get anxiety attacks. You may notice that it is during periods of high stress at work, during uncomfortable situations with other people, or if you need to go out to a certain place. These and various other things can cause you to have high anxiety levels, and once you have figured out the sources of your problems, you can then begin to fix it. You can take up Yoga which is a great form of relaxation and will give you the necessary techniques that you need to combat this frustrating problem before it gets too bad.

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