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You may or may not know this, but there have never been a total cure for Hepatitis C. There are many treatments that are able to slow down the infection and suppress the disease but a cure is yet to be found, many people say that it will still take many years before a proper cure is found. We all know that hepatitis C is a blood born disease, and we all know that it is highly contagious through the blood, by person to person. Hepatitis C is the most deadly and horrible strain of Hepatitis virus out if the five Hepatitis diseases known to man. As stated, there are fine type of hepatitis infections, a, b, c, d, and e, all of which infects and attacks the liver, with C being the most common and most deadly.

It is said that a cure for Hepatitis C is virtually impossible because the strain keeps on mutating, this also plays a large affect on the treatment for Hepatitis C, as this strain just simply gets used to the medication and the patient needs to move on the a different type of medication as often as every few months. Statistic show that the numbers for Hepatitis C measured up to HIV is 4 to 1, the only difference is that a patient can live for up to 10, even 20 years with hepatitis C, where HIV kills much quicker in many cases. The treatment process is very simply, though as stated early you will need to change your medication ever so often, but the easiest way to live with Hepatitis C is to stop all consumption of alcohol, visit your doctor or clinic regularly, do no use any medication with out consulting you doctor or clinic sister first, and if liver damage is present get a vaccine for hepatitis A, as the two together can be more deadly in much less time.

There are many ways ones can circum to Hepatitis C, which includes injecting needles used with drugs, even if it was used years ago, receiving an organ donation where the donor had hepatitis C, which is highly likely, especially in third world countries, and many first world countries also. Then there is getting pricked with an infected needle, which is a high risk to health workers, snorting cocaine with someone else’s things, and the most common way of getting infected is having sex without a condom. All in all, the best treatment is prevention when it comes to hepatitis C.

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