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1: Coordination Problems
Coordination problem varies from limping, tremor, or weakness to lack of coordination.

2: Ear Problems
Varies from decreased hearing to ear pain to hearing sounds that no one else does, such as ringing or buzzing.

3: Diaper Problems
Diaper problems may vary from diaper staining to skin inflammation in areas in contact with urine or feces.

4: Bleeding Tendencies
Spontaneous bleeding, or bleeding for long periods of time after a cut.

5: Bruising
Being quick to bruise after minor injury.

6: Breast Enlargement
The feeling of pain in the breast caused by breast enlargement.

7: Yellow Skin
The skin taking on a yellowish appearance, also called jaundice.

8: Weakness
The feeling of general tiredness, weakness, or giddiness.

9: Vaginal Discharge
A white, clear, or colored discharge from the vagina, sometimes accompanied by itching or a foul odor.

10: Sleep Problem
Having trouble falling asleep, or waking up early in the morning, before you have fully rested.

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