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21: Heart Pounding
The feeling of chest pounding, feeling as if your heart were "flipping" or fluttering, also known as palpitations.

22: Groin Pain
The feeling of pain in the lower abdomen, sometimes a lump or swelling, which changes on movement.

23: Foot Pain
The feeling of aching or burning pain in the foot or ankle.

24: Facial Pain
Facial Pain varies from headache and nasal congestion to pain located in parts of the face, such as the eye, tooth, or jaw.

25: Excessive Drinking
You realize that you drink and urinate more than you should.

26: Dizziness
Giddiness; a whirling sensation in the head; a feeling as if your surroundings are spinning around, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and ear problems.

27: Difficulty Swallowing
Difficulty Swallowing varies from trouble swallowing liquids, solids, or both, to regurgitation, to pain with eating or drinking.

28: Diarrhea
Frequently passing loose stools, the suffer has frequent watery, loose bowel movements lasting a few days or even years.

29: Cough
It varies from simple cough to coughing up sputum or blood, sometimes accompanied by other symptoms, including sore throat, wheezing, or difficulty breathing.

30: Convulsions
Convulsions or Seizures are the feeling of losing control of your movements, an alternating pattern of rigidity and relaxation, sometimes accompanied by a loss of consciousness.

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